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I'm a Physician. My speciality is Critical Care and Infectious Diseases. I'm also a Tech geek, an avid Apple fan & enjoy traveling, fine dining and tea drinking. 

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Best Drug Databases for iPhone

In the old days Physicians used to have a big thick book on their desk called "Physicians Desk Reference" to reference any drug. It is difficult to remember all the common adverse effects of medications. PDA's are very popular among medical community since it is easy to look up drug information and avoid errors.

With iPhone and App store, we have access to several great drug databases. Here is my list of the best ones:

The Best

UpToDate : (Web App) UpToDate is one of the best medical websites and it has partnered with Lexi-Comp for drug information. Any drug search pulls up Lexi's drug information. Lexi-Comp is one of the most authentic drug databases. It gives a very detailed account of everything including adverse effects of medications with relative percentages.

UpToDate requires a prescription (individual or institutional). It is available currently only as a web application and not as a native iPhone Application, though later is rumored to be released soon.  

Lexi-Comp iPhone Application : Lexi-Comp has individual and instituitional iPhone Applications for drug database. These also require subscription and give access to the same incredible drug database as I mention above in UpToDate section.

Free Applications

Epocrates : Epocrates has been around for a while and has improved over time. It is very basic and is available as a native free iPhone application. A unique feature is pill identification i.e. pill numbers, shape, color can be used to identify any pill without a label. It also has Pill pictures (see left).

It is good for physicians, nurses and even non health care providers for quick knowledge about a medicine including its side effects. However for physicians desiring detailed information, Lexi-Comp and Micromedex (iPhone app coming soon) are better alternatives.


Medscape : Free iPhone Application is by WebMD. To me its the best free drug application. Its faster than Epocrates and offers similar information. I particularly like its drug interaction tool.

Medscape application is a lot more than just drug database. It also pulls up WebMD news and has references for a variety of diseases and medical procedures. I'm very impressed with how much this application offers for a free App.

It has a CME section as well. Great interface, user friendly and that makes it a must have medical Application.  


Honorable Mentions

Drugs & Medications : Reasonably good for $1

iPharmacy : Also costs $1, but again why pay when a better database is available for free as 'Medscape'

Drugs & Medications: $20. Good reviews on iTunes but I haven't tried it.

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